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Mental Health and Wellness

Taking good care of our mental health is just as critical to maintaining overall wellness as taking good care of physical health.  Good mental health is essential for the well-being of educators and students, but the challenges of a school setting can often lead to high levels of stress.  When students come to school they are not a blank slate, they come with assets and challenges. Combined with the unprecedented pressure for results coupled with lack of support, it is no wonder that large numbers of educators report high levels of stress. To help NEA members and their families get help, NEA HIN has compiled a list of online resources for information about screening and seeking help

Mental health and physical health are closely linked with each affecting the other.  Many of the behaviors needed for good physical health such as healthy eating, physical activity, avoiding substance overuse/abuse, and getting enough sleep are critical for good mental health. 


Sometimes it seems like stress is everywhere.  Find out what you can do to manage stress better.

Stress and stress symptoms linked to trauma can sometimes result in Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).  Learn more about PTSD and Resillence.

Depression and Anxiety

Everyone is sad or worried sometimes.  When those feelings become overwhelming it may be depression or anxiety

Suicide Prevention

NEA encourages its state affiliate members to lobby their respective legislative bodies and boards of education for the inclusion of suicide prevention, alertness, intervention, and postvention programs as options for educator preparation programs and professional development.  To assist in your state advocacy efforts, NEA HIN has developed a packet of materials and resources that you can download.

Getting Help

Just as people go to the doctor or nurse practioner when they are physically ill, psychologists, counselors and other mental health professionals are there when help is needed.  Picking a provider can be challenging. Learn more about different types of providers and treatments